Visual C++ Feature Comparison
KEY: Ent=Enterprise    Pro=Professional    Lea=Learning      
Visual C++ Features Ent Pro Lea
Development Environment and Debugging
Application creation for Windows 95 and Windows NT
Open integrated development environment for integrating third party modeling and version control tools plus custom wizard creation.
Optimizing compiler creating for the tightest, fastest applications and components  
Integrated Data View    
Integrated remote debugging of Microsoft SQL Server databases    
Integrated Visual SourceSafe version control tool supports visual differences, component sharing and histories    
Data Access and Client-Server Support
Data exchange with the Microsoft Access®, Visual FoxPro®, dBASE®, Paradox®, and Btrieve® (16-bit only) databases as well as Microsoft Excel and text formats
Full ODBC support including Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle drivers
High speed remote data control optimized for SQL Server and Oracle® databases    
Remote Data Objects for fine-tuned programmatic access to remote databases    
ActiveX Support
Active Automation support for ActiveX control enabled applications like Excel
ActiveX component and DLL creation
Remote Automation Technology for distributed application deployment    
Additional Samples, etc.
Many sample applications, bitmaps, and icons included for a quick start